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CardioID is a technological company founded in 2014, developing innovative applications around cardiac signals. Their heterogeneous team, accumulating over 10 years of R&D experience, combines skills from the biomedical, machine learning, software, electronics, hardware manufacturing, and business development fields.
Copisel is ISEL's main center for photocopies and other paper printing processes.
The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society is the leading organization that promotes the advancement of the theory, analysis, design, tools, and implementation of circuits and systems. The field spans their theoretical foundations, applications, and architectures, as well as circuits and systems implementation of algorithms for signal and information processing.


Ana Madureira
Paulo Marques
Baltazar Rodrigues
Jose Epifânio da Franca
Pedro Sanguinho
André Lourenço
Carlos Ferreira
Marco Serrazina
Nuno Cota
João Paulo Barraca


Friday, 24 November 2017
Doors open
Welcome from IEEE Portugal Section Ana Madureira (ISEP)
Jorge Sousa (ISEL)
Keynote: Smart Cities, Mobility and 5G - is the world really changing? João Paulo Barraca
  • Concepts like Smart Cities, Mobility (especially software assisted), and 5G are commonly found in current projects, research works and even products. Smart Cities build on the desire for better, more efficient cities, where decisions are supported by hard data from a large number of systems. Improved Mobility builds on the desire for more flexible networks, where the management functions are highly decoupled from the device support, and everything is software. Finally 5G promises very high bandwidth, extremely reduced latency provided over an ubiquitous cellular network fabric. But are these concepts really disruptive or are they used to wash existing solutions and technologies? Is the world actually changing with new, disruptive technologies and use cases? This talk will review some key aspects of these 3 concepts and will discuss the current state, challenges and future scenarios in an attempt to answer the question: is the world really changing?

coffee break
Panel: Lisboa Cidade Inteligente André Lourenço (ISEL)
Nuno Cota (ISEL)
Marco Serrazina (Vodafone)
Pedro Sanguinho (Nokia)
  • André Lourenço, ISEL
    CardioWheel: enabling safer vehicles & driving

    Road accidents continue to be a major cause of deaths, injuries, and property damage worldwide. CardioID Technologies is introducing CardioWheel, a device for automotive vehicles that uses the unique human electrocardiogram (ECG) heart signal to improve the safety of drivers and their passengers/cargo. This proprietary patented solution is a non-intrusive electronic device, embedded into the vehicle’s steering wheel, that enables the detection of fatigue and drowsiness, and, additionally, performs biometric identity recognition. These data, in combination with contextual information collected from different sources (e.g. GPS), is used to provide the driver with real-time alerts, and to support the decision-making process for fleet management purposes.

  • Marco Serrazina, Vodafone
    Mobile Access Networks Evolution, IoT and 5G

    With the growth of Internet of Things, in which smart cities are a good example, mobile access networks are also evolving from 4G and preparing the landscape for the future 5G, towards a totally connected society.

  • Nuno Cota, ISEL
    Lisboa Cidade Inteligente

  • Pedro Sanguinho, Nokia
    Enabling the human possibilities of smart, safe and sustainable cities.

IEEE Awards
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lunch @ ISEL
The cloud and Big Data: Privacy and Cybersecurity Baltazar Rodrigues (Polícia Judiciária)
Paulo Marques (Feedzai)
  • Baltazar Rodrigues, PJ
    The cloud and Big Data: Privacy and Cybersecurity

    Cyberspace, the human sensation of space provided by IT is much more real today, since this space has now a much more interactive facet. Today, we are all content producers as users, the information available online is increasingly superior and the actual security of personal information depends essentially on each user. In this context, Cyberspace is much more desirable in terms of deviant behavior than it was a few years ago. The amount of personal, private, and critical information available is such that its collection, treatment, and use has become commonplace not only to advertising or marketing agencies, but also for illicit purposes.

  • Paulo Marques
    The Perfect (data) Storm

    In 2017 we are at the confluence of three major events. All systems became networked and are sharing information at an unpreceded pace. We have machines powerful enough to process all this data. Machine Learning algorithms are now effective enough to explore all this and create predict models of what you do, what you want and how you are going to behave. To sum up: "They know who you are, what you do and what you want. They know it better than yourself." In this talk we'll challenge you with questions about the current data deluge, privacy, cybersecurity and predictive behavior modeling.

Creating your tech company: challenges and opportunities José Epifânio de Franca
  • Creating your tech company: challenges and opportunities.

Open Sessions
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coffee break
Panel: Power your City with Electric Cars Moisés Piedade (IST)
Luís Sousa (IST)
Carlos Ferreira (IPLeiria)
  • Carlos Ferreira, IPLeiria
    Past, present and future of motor vehicle systems

    Technological evolution and technical constraints, the complexity of control of internal combustion engines and the advantages of electrical systems will be addressed.

18h00 Closing ceremony Ana Madureira (ISEL)


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